NTT Press Release

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NTT Ltd. deploys Grok AIOPS and achieves unmatched efficiency
improvements and increased customer value.

Grok AIOPS was designed from the ground up with the unwavering belief that OSS and Network Operations can be fundamentally transformed by re-framing the legacy reference architecture around a new scaffolding of AI and Machine Learning.  While early entrants to the AIOPS space grounded their solutions on legacy observability and monitoring paradigms, Grok AIOPS is the only platform that reimagined this legacy approach to OSS and Network Operations.  Many service providers have deployed these early AIOPS entrants (AIOPS 1.0), or custom developed their own solutions with the same anchors in legacy paradigms, but have seen disappointing results because of their reliance on rules, cookbooks, discovery tools, and fixed representations of network topologies / CMDBs.  

When companies like NTT Ltd. deploy Grok AIOPS they expect that the underlying AI/ML models will do the work, without the need to identify and build rules or rely on perfect (or any) CMDB/Topology information.  Grok AIOPS learns fast and accurately because its underlying AI/ML models learn directly from the live operational data to infer relationships and continuously learns network behavior as that behavior inevitably and sometimes rapidly evolves.  Grok AIOPS represents an entirely new way of thinking about Network Operations and a completely new class of AIOPS platforms that put AI and Machine Learning at the foundation.  When AI/ML are at the periphery of an AIOPS platform, the end result is slower deployment times (capture knowledge in rules/cookbooks) and limited flexibility (new/more rules to maintain).  When companies like NTT Ltd. put AI/ML at the forefront of their strategy, they see rapid results- their initial deployment of Grok yielded a 50% improvement in mean time to repair (MTTR) and another 50% improvement in mean time to identify (MTTI).  

The Grok team is incredibly proud to work with customers like NTT Ltd. at the forefront of their AI transformation initiatives.