Early Detection and Incident Prediction

Proactively analyze real-time event streams to identify leading indicators of incidents and take action before an outage occurs.

Fighting Fires is the Norm

Most organizations monitor their infrastructure and receive alerts when incidents occur. However, the alerts often arrive too late, only after services and/or applications are unavailable or customers are severely impacted. This can have a critical and adverse effect on the business. Grok provides notifications of impending incidents so problems can be identified and resolved before they become incidents that affect services and customers.


Gain Agility and Be Proactive with Grok AIOps

Grok’s AIOps solution leverages machine learning to provide an early warning system. This early warning system allows users to proactively analyze event streams and identify similar characteristics leading up to an incident. Grok provides operational teams with early notification so issues can be addressed before an incident occurs. With Grok, operations teams can leverage event clustering and probable root cause capabilities to quickly isolate issues and repair the problem. Ultimately, these actions will prevent incidents from negatively impacting the business.

Detect Issues Before They Become Incidents

Grok uses a machine learning model based on sophisticated algorithms to recognize incident signatures in real-time. As part of the automated incident classification and workflow automation processes, Intelligent Workflow Assignment these incident signatures are used to match incoming event streams with similar event patterns. When an event pattern emerges that matches the incident signature, this is an indication that an incident is about to occur. Grok provides an advanced warning to signal the impending incident to allow the team the maximum amount of time to react. This sequence of clustered events forms a new detection notifying operators to take corrective action before the incident impacts the business. Detections can also be sent to an event management or ticketing system through Grok’s bi-directional integrations.