Built upon Numenta's novel HTM technology,
Grok is one of the most impressive AI products available.

Mark Gribbs, NetworkWorld


Are you proactively preventing app outages?

Your app can fail at any moment, resulting in customers bouncing from your website or abandoning your service. Rather than creating innovative experiences for your customers, you are focused on fighting fires. Grok learns every aspect of an application, from customer experience metrics to calls made to its data store, to uncover the earliest indication of failure so your app can run more reliably.

Reduce IT incidents using breakthrough anomaly detection.

Remember the story, “The Boy Who Cried Wolf?” Grok leverages industry leading machine intelligence to look beyond rigid, arbitrary thresholds to alert based on patterns of behavior within your apps, from the infrastructure to customer metrics.

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Minimize time to resolution with cloud automation.

Cloud service failures can take on average 8 hours to discover, troubleshoot and resolve. An entire business day can remove an app’s functionality, in some cases rendering it unusable. Thanks to built-in automation, Grok can trigger resolution steps that a tier-1 support agent might conduct, like restarting a server or pulling a log file at a particular time spot. Grok gives your team back time to focus on acting proactively for your customers, rather than reactively fighting fires.

Run a self-healing cloud with tools you trust

Grok works with every tool developers, marketers, and entrepreneurs trust to maintain operational excellence. Send events to Datadog to conduct deeper analysis to uncover the root cause of an issue, or leverage a webhook to trigger a customer follow up e-mail in your favorite CRM. Whether you use a supported integration or one of your own, Grok works with tools you rely on everyday to make your customers happy.