The Leading AIOPS platform for intelligent incident prediction and self-healing operations in IT Service Assurance

Grok Featured in OVUM’s On the Radar

Grok’s machine learning technology is notable for the noise
reduction and advanced notification applied to Service Assurance
Michael Azoff

GROK’s Vision

Apply GROK’s Proprietary Machine Learning Algorithms And Framework Against Multiple IT Data Streams To Reduce Mean Time To Identify (MTTI) By As Much As 90%.

  • Find Issues Faster
  • Reduce Noise
  • Correlate To The Root Cause
  • Invoke Intelligent Automation For Self-healing IT Operations


What The Industry Is Saying About GROK

turnkey intelligence layer across your entire Monitoring and surveillance stack to Predict incidents and Reduce Noise

GROK provides a turnkey intelligence layer across your entire surveillance stack to predict incidents hours before they occur, reduce noise and respond autonomously to mitigate potential service failures.

Built on Industry leading machine intelligence

GROK consistently outperforms other Machine Learning Technologies providing your operations team the longest lead time to an impending failure.
Anomaly Detection Benchmark Ranking
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