Automated Enrichment and Workflow

Automatically enrich and assign action and workflow without the use of static rules.

Bogged Down Managing and Maintaining Static Rules

It is cumbersome and time-consuming to manage and maintain rules. Rules are static and quickly become outdated, especially in modern environments. However, most AIOps solutions and traditional event management systems require the use of substantial rules to manage workflow, automations and actions. Grok takes a different approach.

Automatically Enrich and Assign Action and Workflow Without the Use of Rules

Rather than use rules, Grok utilizes machine learning classification algorithms to do the heavy lifting. The unsupervised machine learning algorithms automatically build classification models based on both real-time and historical detections. When a new detection is encountered, Grok automatically enriches, classifies and assigns workflows and actions based on this new model. Each time a new detection type arises, it is automatically associated with an incident type, specific label, category, likely root cause, assignment, and workflow. There is no need for manual intervention. As new problems are encountered, traditional tools would require new rules to be created to support this specific workflow. Grok intelligently categorizes and classifies each detection to ensure your teams remain agile, properly utilized and don’t get bogged down with ongoing rules maintenance.

Use Machine Learning to Eliminate Administrative Workload and Reduce TCO

Grok utilizes an in-line, unsupervised training to model the relationships of events, logs, and performance data to automatically train and classify detections into specific incident types. Grok also utilizes a supervised classification model to enable operators to train and refine the model as detections continue to unfold. This classification layer enriches the detected incident with the information needed to route it to the correct automation workflow and/or resolution team. New detections that surface will be automatically related to specific incidents and actions. Grok’s machine learning models eliminate the tedious work effort of rules management and allows organizations to react more quickly to focus on critical issues that matter.
Automatically Enrich and Assign Action