Managed Service Providers

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership and Differentiate Your Services

Achieve Unprecedented Levels of Operational Efficiency & Capacity

Grok AIOps brings a new AI approach to managing a diverse and growing customer base with personalized service, rapid deployment, and robust operations—all while reducing IT costs. Discover how MSPs who embed AI into the DNA of their operations are transforming their business and improving their margins.

Measurable Outcomes for Reducing Costs and Improving Productivity

Grok AIOps

Reduce Noise with Self-Learning AI

Go beyond de-duplication to compress events and incidents 300% more than rules based AIOps and Observability platforms.

Grok uniquely detects early warning signals and autonomously learns and adapts to any customer IT environment without predefined rules, accelerating root cause identification and fixes.

Reduce Noise with Self-Learning AI
Prevent Incidents

Prevent IT Service Disruption

Maintain customer uptime and reliable service delivery. Prioritize and manage critical incidents with actionable predictions up to 6 hours in advance of emerging incidents.

Grok’s self-driven AI automation also enables MSPs to intelligently prioritize and fix emerging issues – before human intervention.

Improve Agent and Customer Experience

Empower L1 to fix more issues while giving senior engineers more time. Grok reduces L1-L2 frustration by providing relevant, actionable insights at their fingertips. Moreover, Grok automates low-value work by over 75% in just two months by eliminating rules development for triage, diagnostics and remediation.

Increase your competitive edge with AI-driven automation and ChatOps.

Improve Agentand CX
Reduce TCO

Reduce Total Cost of Ownership

With its self-learning, plug and play AI model, Grok enables onboarding on day one and rapidly scales services and resources for diverse customer ecosystems.

Grok has also helped our MSP customers accelerate time to market while significantly reducing tooling costs, operational costs, incident management costs.