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Common Questions

What is a metric?

A metric constitutes a single, raw data stream collected from a server or pushed to our API. For example, an AWS EC2 instance includes metrics like CPU Utilization, disk read/write, or network in/out. Grok creates individual models for every raw metric stream consumed by the platform for analysis.

How much will Grok cost per month?

To calculate your monthly cost for Grok, input the number of metrics you wish to monitor, based on the definition above. A good rule of thumb for AWS: one instance represents 5-7 monitored metrics.

What is an integration?

Grok enables you to take action on any anomalous activity using integrations, which are hooks into other tools your business uses everyday. Grok includes pre-built, turn-key integrations to popular developer tools like ServiceNow or New Relic. You can also write custom integrations to act on anomaly data. For example, you may leverage Grok to restart a sensor in an IoT cloud or send an email campaign to customers with abnormal buying behaviors. Check out this page for detailed use cases.

What is a source?

A source provides raw data streams to Grok for anomaly analysis. Grok provides tools to connect to sources of data, such as cloud metric collectors like AWS CloudWatch or a .csv reader. Most cloud based data stores can provide information to Grok using our REST API, which creates a custom source for Grok analysis.

What determines the metric count used in a billing period?

Grok will charge you based on the maximum number of metrics reporting anomalous activity in a given billing period (i.e. monthly for Grok Cloud).