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How Machine Learning will Revolutionize IT Service Management (ITSM)

Align your ITSM strategy to become an AIOps practice with Grok.

Enterprise companies rely on ITSM to reduce IT incidents to avoid customer churn. Problems with apps can arise at the UI level all the way down to the database. To customers, every issue means a poor experience. So, when an app or service fails and customers complain, IT works hard to restore service to reduce customer churn. When a support desk agent accesses help files to resolve the issue, they depend on processes that keep these files up to date. Each task has an analog in a formal IT Service Management (ITSM) practice: incident, fulfillment and knowledge management, respectively. All companies practice ITSM in some form to deliver capabilities to customers in a consistent and efficient manner. Sophisticated firms leverage ITSM frameworks to deliver high quality services to customers at scale. ITSM provides a good starting point for enterprises to manage complex cloud environments.

ITSM aligns people and processes through several data sets that ripe for machine learning analysis. When an IT incident occurs (first triggered via a customer complaint), an ITSM ticketing system provides valuable metadata against raw data available from an app or service. For example, a web app with a server error may have an issue in many different locations. Machine learning can analyze these errors against ITSM tickets to surface up likely root causes. Natural language processing tools can mine support text to help resolve these issues as well. If an app fails, known support documents can surface to support staff for just in time help. Analysis of raw data available in devices can provide more accurate capacity management. Thanks to ample data, machine learning applied against ITSM generated information can change the way IT operations works forever.

Grok provides a platform to analyze data from applications and services, enabling the basis for ITSM transformation. With Grok’s API and integrations to ITSM tools today, you can build a system that senses issues that kick off an ITSM lifecycle. Rather than worrying about every point of failure, IT operations teams can focus on making improvements for the long term health of a business.

Tarun Gangwani is Head of Product at Grok. He an award-winning product and design professional whose work has been used by millions of people around the world. With his background in cognitive science and design, Tarun has delivered user-centered solutions to startups and enterprise companies within a wide variety of industries that leverage cloud technologies to deliver innovation to their clients. Tarun’s perspectives and work have been featured in major news publications, including the New York Times,, Tech.Co and Forbes.

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