Grok helps companies build self-healing systems using machine intelligence and automation.

Our platform can enable a proactive and automatic IT incident response system, eliminating downtime and increasing customer satisfaction.

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Proactively prevent IT incidents.

Grok provides a turnkey intelligence layer across your entire cloud system to detect incidents before they occur and respond autonomously to mitigate potential service failures.

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Unsupported, Open Source Alternatives
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Data Science Organizations
Bayesian Analysis
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Built on industry-leading machine intelligence.

Grok’s industry-leading incident detection engine gives your operations team the longest lead time to an impending cloud incident.

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Built upon Numenta’s HTM technology, Grok is one of the most impressive AI products available.

Mark Gibbs, Network World

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Leverages tools your business trusts.

Grok integrates with any cloud platform your team trusts, enabling a wide variety of use cases, including network intrusion, IT incident detection, and more.

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AIOps made easy.

Grok senses and responds to potential incident threats across public, private or on-premise clouds, providing turnkey algorithmic IT operations (AIOps) at any scale.

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