Groundbreaking AI

Grok uses machine intelligence to analyze streaming data from public (AWS) and private (Beta, VMWare) clouds to uncover anomalies that traditional threshold monitoring would miss. Grok's "brain" continuously learns an IT systems' behaviors, only surfacing anomalies that require further investigation. Our algorithms are backed by 10 years of R&D conducted by Numenta, Inc, an innovator in machine intelligence.

Built-in Automation

Grok includes a built-in automation tool that enables IT teams to build a self-healing cloud system. Detected anomalies can trigger custom scripts that perform basic or advanced troubleshooting tasks for an ops team, saving considerable time investigating every possible error and trying numerous steps to fix the issue. For example, an anomaly on an production server can trigger a quick restart to make a quick fix, reroute traffic to avoid downtime, and/or scale the server to handle increased traffic to an app or service.

Integrated Ops

Much like a central nervous system, Grok acts as the center of a hybrid cloud operation. Grok integrates with an operations toolchain to send alerts, log tickets, or report metrics to popular software platforms within an IT ecosystem. The Grok platform will continue to expand as time goes on, and we welcome future suggestions on tools to support in the near future.

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... and more to come!

Built upon the Numenta's novel HTM technology,
Grok is one of the most impressive AI products available.

Mark Gribbs, NetworkWorld

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